Update History

1/19/04 Added Links in Law pages to eEvictions.com; Updated various law pages
12/8/03 2nd Major restructur of website; Removed Sons of the Desert & Inteletravel from site
5/20/02 Major restructure of website; Changes throughout the site.
11/25/98 Updated Sons of the Desert; Inteletravel; Genealogy and Law Firm sites
12/27/97 Added Guest Book to Genealogy Page and Photo pages for Byers and Scott families.
8/2/97 Added Genealogy Page; fixed a bug in main page
7/21/97 Sons of the Desert: Added Photo Gallery
Law Office: Added Some Links
7/15/97 Sons of the Desert: Added more links to Links page. Added internal links to move around site.
7/11/97 Sons of the Desert: Added Newsletter (6/26/97); Added a link and corrected another link.
6/27/97 Sons of the Desert: Added Guest Book
6/23/97 Sons of the Desert:
Laurel & Hardy Links page added; Changes/updates made to some pages.
Tent 81: Page changes/updates; projects page added.
6/18/97 InteleTravel: NEW AGENT SPECIALS: June/July 1997Added
6/1/97 Added InteleTravel Pages.
5/31/97 Additions: Meeting Dates for Sons of the Desert; Tent 81
5/31/97 Bug Fixes: Web Logo on MainSite listing; Corrected page origination date from 96 to 97; Corrected errors on page jump bar on Sons Newsletter.
5/18/97 Tent 81 Newsletter (May 10, 1997) placed online.
5/15/97 Law Firm Page Finder improved; Sons of the Desert Page improved; Tent 81's site added; Tent 81 Newsletters placed online
5/1/97 Added Update History and NetMinder to Site
5/1/97 Domain Site Created; Legal Home Page moved to domain. Sons of the Desert Temporary Home Page created.